Are you Ready to Buy?


Determining your Needs/Wants

As your real estate team, our primary goal is to ensure that the home shopping process is enjoyable and fulfilling for you. We employ various strategies to make that happen:

  1. We recommend properties for viewing that closely match your needs, wants, and budget. This saves you the frustration of visiting homes that don't meet your criteria.
  2. We keep you informed about desirable properties as soon as they hit the market so that you don't miss any opportunities.
  3. We work with your schedule to arrange viewings that are convenient for you, minimizing any inconvenience.
  4. Before you visit a property, we provide you with comprehensive details, including closing dates and market value, enabling you to make informed decisions. If you have any questions, we ensure you get the answers you need.
  5. We provide insights about the neighborhood, giving you a clear understanding of the area's lifestyle, safety, schools, and more.
  6. When you find a property you like, we offer our honest and professional recommendation on how well it aligns with your needs and wants. We believe in providing expert advice to assist you in making important decisions.

As your real estate team, we are committed to helping you find the right home, and we are with you every step of the way.

When viewing properties, it's helpful to consider the following questions and ideas to make the process easier and more productive:

  1. Does the home have the essential features you need, such as the desired number of bedrooms, closet space, and kitchen size?
  2. Does the home have any additional features that you would like to have but are not necessary?
  3. What is the overall condition of the home? Are there indications that the owners have maintained it well?
  4. Will the home require any major repairs, remodeling, or renovations? Are there any components, such as the furnace, that may need replacement soon?
  5. What do you like most about the home?
  6. Are there any aspects of the home that you dislike? Can those be changed through remodeling or renovations?
  7. Take a stroll around the neighborhood. Do the neighboring homes appear well-kept, reflecting a sense of pride in ownership?
  8. Do you like the location of the home within the neighborhood?
  9. Does the neighborhood offer the amenities and conveniences you desire, such as access to public transit, shopping options, and local parks?

Viewing properties should never be a frustrating ordeal. It's our responsibility to make the process easy and productive for you, enabling you to find the home you want.

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